Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission (LSWRC)

Lagos State should be commended on  the progress it has made in the area of water sector reform, part of which is the establishment of the State’s Water Regulatory Commission (LSWRC). It was established as part of the reform measures aimed at meeting the challenges of water services delivery in the State.

As indicated in the U-tube video produced by the Commission the  LSWRC is the first of its kind in Nigeria, third in West Africa after Ghana and Senegal.

The video gives information on the estimated quantity of water needed in Lagos State. It gives expected per capita consumption as 135 litres and information about the population of the State as 21 million.

The Governor of the State notes that the State intends to meet the State’s water demand by the year 2020 on the basis of its development plans.

The commission covers the following:

  • Tariff policy and tariff setting guidelines;
  • Tankers services guidelines;
  • The quality of services guidelines;
  • Complaint handling guidelines;
  • etc.

For more information on the Commission visit:


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