Another Pointer to Government Failure in Water Supply and Sanitation

Water Scarcity Hits Zaria, Rates Up By 50%

Leadetrship,  Fri, 12/04/2013
by Aliyu Yusuf

Following the violent clash between the police and water vendors in Zaria last Saturday, a jerry can of water now sells for N30 and N35 as against N20.

Investigation conducted by LEADERSHIP WEEKEND in Zaria showed that the scarcity developed after a violent protest by water vendors.

The vendors (locally called ‘Yangaruwa’) protested against an increase in the fee charged by the local council from N20 to N60.

A resident of Alfadarai in Zaria city, Malam Muzammilu Garba, said the scarcity was very disturbing.

According to him, prior to the recent protest they used to buy the water at N20 per jerry can but now it sells for between N30 to N35 with difficulty.

“My major problem is not only the price but even to see the water vendors is a serious concern. Before, they were all over the place.”

Malam Sambo Danjuma, a local dry cleaner of Limanci in Zaria said the acute water shortage had affected his business, as he now spends more money to buy water.

He urged the state government to intervene in the crisis for normalcy to return.



The current crisis in Zaria has demonstrated the importance of reform in the water and sanitation sector in Nigeria. If there had been a water supply regulatory agency  in Kaduna State or if there is one that is active, the intervention of the police would not have been necessary and this crisis would have been averted.


One response to “Another Pointer to Government Failure in Water Supply and Sanitation

  1. What has happened to Kaduna State government investment in water sector over the years, having in mind that having access to minimum quantity of potable water (a social and economic good) is a fundamental human right.

    Zaria case is just a tip of the ice berg in what is happening in major cities and settlements in Nigeria. How long shall our people continue to suffer from poor policy decisions and implementation of WASH related interventions among our vulnerable population?

    The process of abstracting the water and the source of the water sold are suspects and only God knows the quality of the water sold by the vendors to users.

    Now, the water vendors have developed into a cartel, as a result of government insincerity to tackle the problem sustainably over the years (probably because they have forgotten that there is vote in adequate and safe water supply) .

    How I wish somebody can tell us about the physico-chemical and bacteriological quality of the water sold by vendors, to alert our government officials to their failure in providing sustainable services to the governed, in the water supply sector in Zaria. .

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