Uncoordinated investment in the Water Sector in Nigeria: An Example from Imo state


When investments are made in the water sector without planning and without consultation with the beneficiaries, the benefits derivable usually fall short of intended impact. Little wonder our country has been considered to be one of the African countries where the Millennium Development Goals will not be met by 2015.Sometimes last year, this blog had an article on this same topic concerning Kogi State.

While Governor Okorocha’s intention may be laudable, he has gone about it wrongly just like the Senator from Kogi (https://weircentreforafrica.com/2012/02/29/uncoordinated-investments-in-water-supply-rep-to-sink-60-boreholes-in-kogi-state/).

I wonder what instructed the Governor of Imo state to use the State Transport Company for water project and was the Water Ministry involved? How much funds is allocated to water in Imo’s 2012 budget, and under what heading will the Governor’s “do-gooder” gesture be entered?


It is high time Nigerian rulers paid more attention to the needs of the masses rather than playing politics with what affects the well-being of their citizens, especially the poor and vulnerable.



Okorocha targets 2,000 new jobs in water project

By Emma Mgbeahurike, Owerri, The Nation, April 4, 2012

Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha has inaugurated a water project built by the new management of Imo Transport Company (ITC).

The governor hopes the project, christened Imo Rescue Mission Free Water, will generate no fewer than 2,000 jobs.

Okorocha who was represented  by the new Managing Director of ITC, Mr. Emeka Duru, admitted that the gesture would go a long way in alleviating the water challenges in the company and the entire neighbourhood.

He applauded the magnanimity of Global Ginikana Services Ltd, the new managers of the state-owned transport company and its commitment to make ITC the best road transport company in the country, adding that the team has deeply implemented the rescue mission agenda in its management style.

Meanwhile, Mr. Duru who later spoke to reporters on his capacity as Managing Director of ITC, disclosed that his company has been in control of ITC management for over four months and that their agreement to manage the company with the state government was for the period of 10 years with the payment of N250m yearly.

He added that the concession is aimed at ensuring sound management of the company, comfort of passengers and creation of employment for Imo people.

The ITC management boss pointed out that his company has paid the total sum of N210m to the  state government and will be paying N50m.

He stressed that in line with  Okorocha’s directive, the company has not sacked anybody and does not even intend doing so, stating that it rather recalled some workers who were illegally disengaged before they took over the management of the company.

According to Duru, the major problem in the transport company has been the issue of workers not ready to work, and a situation where ITC staff see their job as civil service structured job, maintaining that they have come to revive the company for the good of Imo people.

He noted that his company has set up a fuel dump for ITC buses and plans to establish car wash centre in the premises as another way to save money and time, maintaining that in the next six months, Imo  state will have an investment of N2.5 Billion in ITC, which according to him, will create more employment opportunities and revenue for the state.

Duru noted that his company is targeted at creating 2000 jobs for Imo graduates, adding that 170 employment opportunities had been created so far for graduates, 72 for new drivers with another 50 more opportunities for graduates and 100 for drivers that would be created soon for Imo citizens.

While stating that his company has spent N1.2 Billion since it take over the ITC management, especially in procuring new buses, Duru stressed that they inherited the sum of N134 million debts which it had called upon the state government for a possible assistance.

The transport manager however assured Imo people that ITC will be restored as the most safest, cheapest and comfortable transport company in the country under the new management.


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