The Lie of Open Defecation discussion, contd.

well, Open Defecation Free is a mind set and determination by any community that feels to attain such status. To me is not by force but willingness of a group of people to rid themselves of open defecation in there community. Afterall everybody hates shit because I have not seen someone admirering his or somebody`s shit. Once the willingness and commitment are lacking then the result will still be negative. The roles of Natural Leaders within the community cannot be over emphasised. They emerged during triggering and their monitoring activities are more effective than WES staff because the decision is jointly taken by the community. They are recognised and respected by the community people. This area should be well explored for ODF sustainability. Community Leaders` roles in sustanability of ODF should not be ignored. Once they are triggered, they would like to try their best to measure up to their responsibilities. ODF is possible and the possibility is gradual and not a matter of over night mirracle. Community participation and involvement can make real and sustainable. Though i am not saying WES monitoring should be undermined. On this note, care must be taken because ODF community today may backslide to become filty Open Defecation tomorrow.

Rebecca Akinduro

Thanks Mrs. Akinduro. It is apparent from your comments that you feel that sustainability of ODF status is better guaranteed through the use of community leaders who are identified during the time when Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is triggered, instead of WES staff. I agree since community leaders live within the community and are therefore always available for monitoring.


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