Corruption in the water sector makes access to potable water and sanitation a moving target in Nigeria[Readers’ comments, Continued]

By Philips Ijiyemi Ijidele (UNICEF Consultant on on M & E)


Efforts at addressing inadequate or lack of access to potable water actually seems not to be yielding sustainable improvement. My recent visit to my home town in Ile-Ife, Osun State was a clear testimony.

I visited about 5 FGN Ogun – Osun River Basin Solar Powered Boreholes sites only to discover that just 1 was functioning. Am particularly disturbed about this development not only that am from the Ile-Ife but these facilities were constructed less than 6 months and right from the time the gigantic projects were claimed to have been completed some of them have not produced water. Corruption is very central to this ugly phenomenon.

My people are suffering and dying from water related diseases. These projects are certified by some people and commissioned with fanfair. It is time we address this problem. The government officials that certified these projects must be sanctioned and those that commissioned abortive boreholes need to be brought to book. MDGs CGS Boreholes equally suffered the same fate Many of them are or have stopped serving our people. This is even worse in Ekiti. On the way from Osun to Ekiti to Abuja one will be amazed with the number of water projects claimed to be MDGs boreholes but are just tapped from the existing water connection and not a single drop is coming from the stand pipes.

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