Corruption in the water sector: a reader’s comments

by J.A. Hanidu, Retired Director (Hydrology & Hydrogeology)

Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Water Resources


Thank you for sending this article to me and I must congratulate you for embarking on this project.

We need to cooperate to fight corruption not only in the water resources sector, but also in the entire nation. The source of Luky Onyekakeyah’s article is not certain and I cannot freely comment as a result. Your experience in Gombe is however curious as one is not sure of the service supposed to be rendered by the Federal Government Contractor. It would seem that was what he was sent to do. Did he set out to rehabilitate them, but ended up messing them up by virtually shutting of the water source to the communities that relied on them?
You definitely will have the name of the State that stockpiled 15 years supply of chlorine. Can we have the name of the state and the photograph of the chlorine canisters in the store? Publishing these items will serve to wake up the state concerned and others will sit up.
The MDG was actually designed to be moving targets especially as it is based on reducing by half, the population of those without access to water supply and sanitation by the year 2015. Since the population is not static and continues to grow at roughly 3%, so will the target be shifting.
Back to corruption. Majority of our political leaders are not committed to render service. They are simply interested in their personal welfare. While we should hunt and hound the corrupt ones, we should be vigilant during election times to elect credible representatives. By fencing off known corrupt politicians and those without serious commitment to service, we would have taken a bold step towards reducing the rate of corruption in this country. We should also without restraints, apply our rights to recall those that have failed us.

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