This Blog is finally ready to go!

by Depo Adenle, Ph.D. ( Hydrogeology)



When I started this blog in June, I mentioned it would not be before August that I would really get it going.  Just before the month rolls away, I’m happy to say the time is now here to start contributing my little bit to a subject that seems to have many interested people around the academic,  government and donor sections of the world but a subject that still has quite a long way to go to keep up with development in other parts of the world.

My first presentation is on the inaccessibility of potable water in Nigeria, a problem that has as one of its chief causes – corruption.  I title it as a ‘moving target’ because it seems permanently out of reach of the masses even though it always seems to be near attainability as government at federal and state levels in the country always announce grand designs in just about all their budgets for potable water only to fail at delivery.

Why are these goals never achieved and what can be done to stem the tide?

In the short article, I’ve offered a few suggestions on how I think the problem of corruption in the water and sanitation sector in Nigeria can be tackled.

I will welcome contributions to this article.

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